Bussiness Advisory

The feasibility study aims to assess the feasibility of implementing a business. Some aspects analyzed in the feasibility study are financial benefits, macro economic benefits and social benefits. Feasibility studies consider the amount of funds invested, uncertainty at the business level and all the complexities that affect the business.

Our consultants are experienced and have sufficient competence to conduct feasibility studies for all manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. The feasibility study conducted will produce a conclusion of the business feasibility to be carried out and the recommendations needed to carry it out.

Due diligence aims to assess the performance of the company or the performance of an activity in fulfilling the standard set. The due diligence function is to give consideration to interested parties regarding decisions to be taken such as share acquisition, merger, consolidation, and others.

Our consultants have experience and have sufficient competency to carry out overall and partial due diligence studies. The report produced will provide adequate information in carrying out assessments and decision making.

Preparation of standard operating procedures aims to facilitate, tidy up and discipline the work that contains the order of the process of doing work from beginning to end. Standard operating procedures are chronological procedures to complete a job to get the most effective work with the lowest cost.

Our experienced consultants compile standard operating procedures for all manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. Our consultants understand very well that every company, regardless of its form and type, requires guidance to carry out the tasks and functions of each company element or unit to get the most effective performance.

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