The government has issued PMK 213 in 2016. With these provisions, all foreign and domestic investment companies that conduct affiliate transactions are required to prepare and store transfer pricing documentation. With the TP-Doc, the company can prove that the affiliate transaction is carried out at a fair price or a reasonable price range.

We have experience in setting up TP-Doc for all manufacturing, distributor and service industries. TP-Doc is composed of Master File and Local File. The Master File includes all the information needed regarding the parent company and all its affiliated companies. Local File includes all relevant business and company financial information, fairness testing with the appropriate method. Testing is done through internal and external benchmarking using a business database.

Taxation in Indonesia adheres to a self-assessment system, taxpayers are permitted to calculate their own tax obligations and report them. The system gives trust to taxpayers, but also gives the tax authority the right to carry out checks for all types of taxation. Tax authorities carry out checks based on certain criteria including overpayment of taxpayers, fiscal losses or based on risk analysis.

Most of our consultants have a tax audit background. Our consultants have the requirements needed as a companion in tax audits for individuals, domestic companies and foreign companies. Our tax consultants have been provided with an in-depth understanding of the strategies needed to reduce the risk of tax burdens due to inspection. With the assistance we have done, it is expected that there will be no tax disputes that continue to objections or appeals at the Tax Court.

The expiration of the tax audit has been stipulated in law, which is 5 years. Thus the tax audit can still be done before the expiration date. Taxpayers should understand all the tax risks that might arise when a tax audit is carried out, especially some provisions of taxation laws allow for different interpretations in the application. With a Tax Review, taxpayers can make repairs to reports needed to reduce the potential for tax sanctions.

Our consultants have experience conducting tax reviews for all types of manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Based on the reviews made, our consultants will provide suggestions for improvements needed and convey the potential tax obligations that will arise. Our experience in dealing with various tax audits is very useful in conducting Tax Reviews and providing advice based on best practices.

Tax planning aims to minimize tax liabilities by not violating the applicable provisions, in a reasonable business sense and supported by sufficient evidence. Good tax planning must be supported by understanding comprehensive tax regulations and understanding of the character of the business.

Our consultants have experience in Tax Planning for all types of manufacturing, distribution and service industries. This experience enriched our understanding of the character of each industry and related tax regulations. Our combination of experience and understanding improves the quality of tax planning.

Important business decisions of companies must always consider the consequences of taxation. The company must understand the relevant tax regulations and be able to implement them. It aims to avoid surprises from the tax authorities because the company’s decision making is not comprehensive.

Our consultants have experience in providing Tax Opinion for all types of manufacturing, distribution and service industries. The quality of our Tax Opinion is enriched by understanding the relevant tax rules and character of each industry. Tax Opinion provides information to companies about possible tax benefits and risks and mitigation needs to be done to minimize potential losses.

Tax Compliance aims to assist companies in carrying out tax obligations in the current period. Services provided include the preparation of monthly and annual tax returns. With Tax Compliance, it is expected that the level of tax compliance will increase and reduce the potential loss due to tax administration sanctions.

Our consultants have sufficient experience and understanding to assist companies from all industrial sectors in fulfilling tax obligations. With Tax Compliance, it is expected that the company can report its tax obligations in a timely manner and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Tax disputes include appearing after the examination ends. Taxpayers who do not agree with tax provisions are given the right to submit objections and appeals. The Tax Litigation process must be carried out carefully because it is related to proof.

Our consultants have experience in assisting companies from all types of manufacturing, distributor and service industries in processing tax disputes. Tax Litigation is a stage that needs to be handled by consultants who have adequate tax experience and competence. Our consultants who have served as tax auditors and have tax consultant certification are able to provide good assistance in the litigation process.

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